Monday, November 15, 2010

Dunno Y...Na Jaane Kyun

See the movie (if you have to) before it disappears from the screens ...may not ever be marketed in DVD's!
Plus points - it is bold in subject, it has true empathy for desi gays at heart, a well meaning script, some real hot bods, plenty of titillating skin, even a crack of Yuvraaj Parashar's butt. with bits of Maradona Rebello (who went full monty in Pankh) too; there are some endearing moments, some sad ones, some happy tender ones which are well handled. Photography is good (though it tends to overdo the close ups), lighting is good, locales are nice, costumes are good and ambiance is very realistic; dialogues are naturally written(written, mind you, I didn't say on. Ok, OK, Zeenie baby also looks good for her age and Helen, charming as ever. The best performance is by Kabir Bedi. Best of all, the film does attempt to deal with some difficult issues - married desi gays, the gay casting couch, trouble from police, lack of "monoandrous"-ness among most gays, difficulty is finding places to make out with guys etc. It also deals with the dilemmas of the desi girl married to a gay guy very well
Minus points - Yuvraaj and Kapil can't act to save their lives, God bless their sweet, gay souls. Yuvraaj speaks English dropping his definite and indefinite articles freely and probably nobody realized it when the dubbing happened (the dialogues are 80% English and 20% Hindi). Everyone (except Kabir) delivers dialogues like kiddies do in a primary school drama. Zeenat Aman hams as she always did and Helen double-hams her. The editing is clumsy and abrupt. There is no smooth background score, the songs all suck big time and the movie has a simplistic end which falls flat on its face. There is an overcrowding of issues - issues related to Zeenat, to Helen, to Kabir Bedi and to Yuvraaj's sister, all of which leave little space for the gay issues to develop beyond lip service. Aryan Vaid looks bored and embarrassed in the bath tub scene, poor bloke. The film looks like as if it had approached all the big stars and finally, after getting refusals from all those who mattered in Bollywood, it has picked up the rejects to get the film apiece
Saving Grace: Still worth a watch, at least for the noble intentions of the film crew, if not for the result